Shotgun Shell Mug

Shotgun Shell Mug
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If you're looking for a great gift for the hunter in the family, look no further. Your hunter friend or family member will love this shotgun shell mug. Quality stoneware, it is designed to look just like a shotgun shell. As a mug it's high quality and ideal for that morning cup of milk and an afternoon cup of cocoa or more milk.

Sits firmly yet comfortably in large or small hands. Since this is stoneware, it does weight more than the typical coffee cup. Painted to look just like a real shotgun shell it's a great conversation starter. Excellent idea for a hunting lodge as their coffee mugs. Great fun for hunters of all ages.

A great bonus is that it appears to be dishwasher safe although to keep it lasting longer and looking brand new most people choose to wash it in a sink of hot sudsy water. Stoneware is microwave safe so if that big buck struts out and everything must be dropped to go and get him, you can return to your cup of java and simply give it a quick zap in the microwave and still enjoy your brew.

This is also a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys camping and hunting. Give them a matched set so that they can enjoy their morning coffee together. A great novelty item when friends visit they'll ask where you found such a unique coffee cup.

These are readily available online and you can afford a few of them for your friends and family. So go ahead and get them a gift that they'll never forget, the shotgun shell mugs are unique and a fun gift to give as well as receive. Be sure to buy yourself a set too. You'll have great fun over the campfire sipping your coffee from this mug.

This large stoneware mug is perfect for all those who appreciate anything to do with shotgun shells and bullets. The mug is sturdy and well designed. It is microwavable and is great for everyday use at home or at work.