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Ball Claws

Ball Claws
$12.99 on Amazon
Do you play lots of sports but you threw out your shoulder?
Try resting your balls on a handy wall holder!

It'll keep your balls cozy and up off the ground.
No better ball-clutcher has ever been found!

You wanna clean up your life and fix up your flaws?
It's better for your balls to be cradled by claws.

The ball claws are made for basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs. It is very easy to connect the ball holder to walls and other places. The needed hardware is included. Ball claws are made out of nice quality injected plastics.

A User Review For You: "These ball claws are absolutely for children! My son tends to lose balls. BUT, with the ball claw connected to the wall of our garage he just slaps his basketball into the claw as he is coming inside. We have one for his football and one for his basketball. These things are great."