Foldable Water Bottle

Foldable Water Bottle
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Did you ever wish there was an easier way to haul your water bottle to the airport, gym, school, work or maybe just on the go? What about hiking up a long trail? A water bottle would surely come in handy. So, how about foldable water bottles. What could they be made of?

These flexible and bendable bottles are mostly about easiness of use and eco-friendly convenience. They can be folded, flattened or rolled and automatically stands when it is filled with water. The flexible water bottle is made of BPA-free polyethylene and nylon, and it can be safely stored in the freezer. These foldable water bottles come with an integrated carabiner, so that it can easily clip to your backpack, belt loop or purse.

Foldable water bottles can be carried around in a backpack with books, Ipad and newspapers and has a record of no leaks or opening up. The bottle holds one liter, about 34 ounces. The flexible walls can make it difficult to fill up to the max, so consider that it comfortably holds up to 22 ounces.

These specialized water bottles are dishwasher safe. Instructions say to remove the cap and carabiner. To do this, you can unscrew the top cap (which is both cap and carabiner) by turning it counterclockwise. It can be a great water accessory when traveling abroad. It is made to bounce around, whether in the hot or cold regions, in the sun or rain and other various altitudes, including on airplanes. Little children can squeeze all they want, but the water bottle won’t budge.

The specialized water bottles come in an assortment of colors include white, pink and turquoise. The material that this bottle is made out of is sturdy. The cap on top is durable and sleek, which makes pouring water into the bottle a breeze.

Some users of the foldable water bottle are surprised by its longevity. Many customers of the water bottle talk about no leaks or spills after months of usage. The bottle is also child friendly, as kids can easily drink from the bottle as well.

What is the best thing about these flexible bottles? They make the best travel companions. They are collapsible, don’t take up very much space and end up being tougher water bottles when filled. They stand on their own - thanks to a bottom that generously expands. Some call them flat travel bottles. Some other activities that these water bottles are good for include camping trips, local marathons, Relay for Life and other charitable walks, outdoor events, school campuses and so much more.

An additional perk for these flat water bottles: The cap, which covers the pop top lid, also protects the water from getting debris. The carabiner clip makes the bottle extra convenient and extremely portable.

Look at it this way: Flexible water bottles offer a way to keep water bottles in your hand, without the bulky traditional water bottles. Some can be imprinted with logos and other artwork for those professionals who find branding to be important. What a great concept!