Panda Rice Mold

Panda Rice Mold
$6.69 on Amazon
This precious panda rice mold set
will satisfy the tongues
of anyone who'd like to eat
a rice ball, old or young.

Onigiri's great for those
who like to pack their lunches,
and if you buy this set
you can make rice ball snacks in bunches!

The panda rice mold comes with a panda rice scooper which molds the rice into a panda head shape. Also included is a panda face puncher which creates the face details of the panda.

A User Review For You: "How adorable is this thing? It is extremely cute and way easy to use. I have sometimes colored the rice and made different colored panda for my kids. This mold works best when the rice is sticky and I have found short grains work much better than long grains. I have also noticed spraying a little cooking oil in the mold helps get the rice out of the panda mold easier. I have gotten into the habbit of making bento lunches for everyone in the house often and it is quite fun! Best wishes with your panda rice molder!"