How To Train Your Dragon Pillow

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How to Train Your Dragon has been a major hit and the sequel was an excellent movie as well. Children and adults alike have fallen in love with the wonderful dragons from these two movies. The market has been filled with many different plush dragons from these movies. One of the most exciting products from this series is this Toothless Plush pillow.

This pillow is designed to resemble the main dragon from the movies, Toothless. Toothless is the hero of the film and many children love this beautiful black dragon. The pillow does a fantastic job of looking just like Toothless. You want your child to feel like they are holding Toothless and this plush does an excellent job of that. If you desire accuracy from your toys, then this is the perfect plush for your child.

Your child will love acting out specific scenes from the movie with Toothless. The plush looks just like the one from the movie and is perfect for playing. This plush is the excellent tool for allowing children to imagine.

This plush makes a fantastic pillow for your young child. Your child can lay on the back of the dragon or on the dragon's belly as he or she sleeps at night. This pillow plush also makes an excellent car pillow. Your child will love taking the plush on family trips and when they are tired they can lay on the pet to sleep.

If you are hoping to give your child a forever friend this year, then you should definitely consider getting them this toothless pillow plush. The plush looks just like the wonderful dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon movie. The plush is extremely comfortable and your child will love snuggling the dragon and acting out scenes from the movie.

-15" How To Train Your Dragon Toothless Night Fury Plush Cushion Pillow
-Material: Short plush; filling is cotton