Thermometer BBQ Fork

Thermometer BBQ Fork
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You have just purchased your new home and are anxious to have friends over for a barbeque. With the occasion being so special, nothing less than prime steaks will do for the main course. As the guests begin arriving, drinks and snacks are served while everyone enjoys each others company. There is a light breeze, the sun is shining, and temps are in the low 80's. Perhaps this is an omen that the evening can be nothing less than perfect.

As dinnertime nears, you go from couple to couple asking how they would like their steak prepared. Is it really possible there are so many ways to prepare a steak? Your mind scrambles to recall the number of minutes a steak should cook per side for rare, medium, and well done, but you never gave much thought to medium rare, or medium well. Now you recall reading about the thermometer barbecue fork and wish you had been wise enough to make the purchase. As steaks are returned for further cooking, you become more and more embarrassed in regard to your duties as a chef. As soon as this gathering is over there will be an order placed for a thermometer fork!

This ingenious cooking product can make anyone into the perfect cook in a matter of seconds. You simply insert the dual tines into the meat and within a few seconds you have a reading of its doneness. Tine tips can be used to keep the fork from penetrating chops and steaks too deeply and loosing all those luscious juices that keep your meats extra moist. Yet the tines are so slim, even a roast will keep its juices intact. The long handle keeps you far enough away from the heat to prevent burns or other mishaps.

Operating on batteries, your thermometer fork is likely to last years and years. To keep it operating in top form, just change the batteries when needed. It cannot be submersed in water so clean up is a breeze. Wiping the tines with paper towel is all that is needed. While cooking, the simple push of a button allows you to read the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, in LED lighting no less! Every possible error that could occur has been removed.

Don't let your barbecues, or indoor meals, be ruined ever again. Instead, you will have the reputation of the neighborhood chef. When ordering for yourself, order a few extra to give as a gift. It may tarnish your reputation as the top chef, but then again you won't have to go to any dinners where the food is terrible either.

If for any reason, you find your thermometer bbq not to your liking, there is a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain. Never again have to face the embarrassment of food that is under or over prepared. Friends will be scrambling for an invite to your new home and delectable entrees. Surprise them again and again due to this product that makes cooking as easy as snapping your fingers.