Rechargeable LED Shoes

Rechargeable LED Shoes
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Remember the flashing shoes that were so cool when you were a kid? It seemed like everyone had them: little flashing red lights that showed up brightly every time they took a step. Kindergarten students made a merry light show as they walked down the hallway, and frequently, even older kids got in on the fun.

Now, with these Rechargeable LED Shoes, that light show has been brought to and adult level. These shoes don't just flash. They create a light show of epic proportions right there on your feet. With seven different colors and eight to ten hours of lights from a single charging session, there's nothing stopping you from making the greatest shoe display of the year. No matter where you're going, if you want to be noticed, these shoes can create the display you're looking for. Heading to a club? A night out on the town? Even running in the dark can be accompanied by a fantastic display.

Unassuming When Off, Brilliant When On

By day, these shoes are simple white sneakers. By night, they show off an amazing array of color. Simply press the button hidden inside the shoe, where it won't interfere with the design, to transform your shoes from bland to grand! The light show will last long enough to accompany you throughout any evening.

Charge Them Up and Go Again

The shoes are designed to plug into any standard USB port, which means that you can charge them no matter where you are. Plug them in, and within a couple of hours of charging, you'll be ready to hit the town all over again! This ease of charging means that even if you spend the night away from home, you can have your shoes ready to go again any time you like. You'll need to recharge longer than they will!

Several Different Modes Available

You want your shoes' light display to be as unique as you are, and these Rechargeable LED Shoes provide exactly that. They have several different modes to allow you to select different colors and patterns. The shoes don't flash when you take a step the way your shoes did when you were a kid, so these custom settings allow you a little bit more freedom to express yourself.

Order a Size Up

When ordering these shoes, be aware that many reviewers have found that they run about a size small. Ordering up a size will ensure that you fall in love with your light shoes the first time you wear them and will love them enough to keep wearing them for years to come. Make sure that you measure your foot to ensure the best possible sizing before ordering.

When you wear your Rechargeable LED Shoes, you'll feel your confidence increasing and your sense of fun flying high. They're fun, they're funky, and they'll go wherever you can. It's the perfect shoe for all your night time needs, so order a pair today and fall in love with them!