Fire Powered Hot Tub

Fire Powered Hot Tub
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Basking in hot water, with a favorite beverage at hand, makes for the perfect evening. This fire powered hot tub will fulfill that luxurious dream. Designed with a vintage look and heater, it embodies the romanticism of the Roman Bath. Its fire powered water heat system means no worries about electricity.

Luxury In The Roman Style

Roman baths were considered the height of civilization in ancient Rome. These baths were heated by fire, and they were a sign that civilization was at hand. Groups would spend time together, planning the further rise of civilization, or making business deals. Sometimes, just relaxing as a group, was the goal for the Romans. This fire powered hot tub is reminiscent of those times. This tub even has its own attached beverage stand for convenience.

Batteries Not Included Or Necessary

Many hot tubs require a 220 plug-in to heat water. This tub is heated by fire, and does not use electricity at all. The electric bill will stay the same, no matter how many times it is used. One less worry will make this tub an even greater enjoyment while basking in the hot water and relaxing.

Heated With Fire

This tub uses fire to heat the water. There is attached metal tubing and a fire basket arrangement. Simply add wood, light the fire and watch the water heat. Cold water flows out of the tub, is heated to rise to the return pipe and flows smoothly back into the tub. It is an efficient and closed system for an elegant solution to heating water without using electricity.

No evening should be considered complete without this tub. It is designed to heat fast, use no electricity, and provides easy access to a favorite beverage while relaxing. Enjoy an interesting conversation, or simply let the water ease sore and tired muscles. This fire powered hot tub is perfect for every mood.