Ceramic Kettle Oil Warmer

$10.99 on Amazon
If you are tired of your old scented oil warmers you should try the Ceramic Kettle Stove Oven Oil warmer. Yes, the name is very long but, the item itself is super cute. It is the perfect little knick knack to up the coziness any where in your house.

The item is an oil warmer. Used to look pretty and to make your house smell pretty as well. To use it you just place any kind of scented oil inside the little tea kettle and place a lit tea light candle inside the little holder. Remember you don't want to over fill the kettle, I would say about 2/3 the way is fine. Than the holder with the tea light candle gets placed underneath inside the stove oven. Let it do its thing and your house will be smelling great in no time. The oil warmer is really cute and is so easy to use. The best part about it is that its the cutest way to melt your favorite kind of scented oils.

A good plus for this oil warmer is it gets the oils hotter than most glass oil warmers. So this makes the fragrance from the oil disburse more in to the air which will probably create the fragrance to travel more quickly through out your house. It also makes a great and unique gift for many different occasions, weather it be Christmas, a birthday or even valentines day.

This oil warmer fits in perfectly if you are in to the contemporary style of décor. They are not that expensive either, so they wont hurt your wallet. They can range any where from six dollars to fifteen dollars. I really truly love this oil warmer, its great, really cool and I think that I will purchase one for every corner of my home.