My Neighbor Totoro Cookie Cutter Set

$29.95 on Amazon
Rather than sticking to simple shapes and outlines, make your baking into an adventure with two of the most beloved animated characters in the world. With the My Neighbor Totoro Cookie Cutter Set, you can make cookies in the shapes of characters from Hayao Miyazaki's classic movie 'My Neighbor Totoro.' Two molds are included: a 4 inch mold that resembles the larger, grey Totoro (also known as the great 'King of the forest'), and a smaller 2.5 inch mold that looks just like his tiny, white-furred companion and assistant.

Totoro is sometimes referred to as the Japanese equivalent of Mickey Mouse, but he has quite the following in the west as well! Even if you don't recognize him from the movie, you might have seen him as the logo for Studio Ghibli, which is behind such animation triumphs as 'Spirited Away' and 'Princess Mononoke.'

Instead of suggesting basic outlines the way way most cookie cutters do, the cutters in the My Neighbor Totoro Cookie Cutter Set have interior detailing that allows the true character of the iconic critters to emerge, from the huge, round eyes to the markings on the larger Totoro's stomach. The molds are easy to use and come with clear, concise instructions. They are also dishwasher safe for a simple cleanup process.

The resulting cookies can be decorated with frosting for more detail or left as they are; they have more than enough personality fresh out of the oven! They would be perfect for a Miyazaki themed party, a bake sale, or just a rainy day stuck indoors. They have the potential for applications in arts and crafts projects as well. Use them to make 2-D characters using clay or play dough, or to trace the characters onto paper. Make it adventure! Ready? Set? Come on! Let's go!