LEGO Light Switch Cover

LEGO Light Switch Cover
$11.99 on Amazon
It is literally necessary to have Legos everywhere in your home. Even if you don’t have children, Legos are awesome. This is a light switch plate that allows you to build whatever Lego creation you want right on the wall. With 18 square inches of building space, this will cause some much needed imagination to happen.

I was only slightly interested in this product until my mind started wandering. Not only is there 18 inches of a base to build on, but there are infinite possibilities to add extension pieces on to the edges and expand the situation. You could build an amazing scene and change it every day if you were so inclined. Death stars destroyed, the beauty and serenity of the Shire, Spider-Man climbing a building to reach Venom: these, and many other stories, can be played out right on the wall next to your light switch.

Children will love to have another place to build more Legos. When he was younger, my oldest son was so infatuated with them that he wanted a Lego-themed room. This would have been a great addition to his room at that time. Now I fear he is too old to fully appreciate the novelty. Don’t miss your chance to inspire and spark your children’s creativity! They grow up so fast. First they start with some large Duplo blocks and learn to snap the pieces together, then move on to small sets where they really just want the mini-figures and for you to build the castle, and then the next thing you know they are asking for the $200 Millennium Falcon set. That particular set may have been updated now but, when we attempted to build it together about 10 years ago, it was a monster to tackle. There were so many pieces and they were literally all shades of gray or black pieces. I just about had a nervous breakdown building that thing.

There are two plates in each pack. This is great because once you have installed these in your kid’s room you may just want one somewhere else, too. They work great in every room, but I like them in bathrooms and kitchens, and it will give you an opportunity to show off your creative side as well. Think of putting together a scene of a fancy British kitchen in your own contemporary kitchen, or a forest of mangroves and monkeys in the bathroom. Your guests will be floored.

This is the perfect complement to your growing collection of odd things in odd places. It is suggested that you build some pieces around the switch in the center if you are planning to use the switch plate cover for a switch that controls something important. That way, you won’t accidentally turn off your furnace when it is 12 degrees outside in Michigan. Believe me, that sucks. For real. For installation you will need a screwdriver to install and replace your current light switch plates.