Wall Climbing RC Car

Wall Climbing RC Car
$31.99 on Amazon
Remote control racing has just become a lot more fun. With this wall climbing RC car, you will not be limited to just zooming along the floor. This mini RC car is able to go vertical, moving up and around on the walls and windows of your favorite play room. It can even run across the ceiling.

By combining powerful industrial fans and an advanced air technology with a lightweight car body, it is able to pull air in under the car creating enough suction to hold it to the wall or even the ceiling. The full function remote gives you complete control as you steer the car right, left, forward and in reverse. It even has brake lights. The lightweight body is very durable so that it will not break if the batteries run low and it falls from the walls or ceiling. Going vertical is as simple as driving straight at a wall. The car will tilt up at the wall and when it reaches 45 degrees the powerful suction Traction Technology will suck it tight to the wall. Just keep driving like it was on the floor.

These wall climbing RC cars are available in black, red or blue. You can choose your favorite color or get all three and set up race courses all around the room, up the walls and across the ceiling for some exciting RC fun. Your friends and family will be amazed at the antics your car is capable of. They will all be begging you for a turn. The remote control also functions as a charging station for the car. It is safe for children ages six and up and requires six AA batteries to supply hours of fun for your family.

Looking for something fun that will wow your friends and family? This remote controlled car does more than just drive around on the floor and go over jumps. This awesome car will climb walls and windows, and will even drive on the ceiling! It has a durable body, so you won’t have to worry if it happens to fall down from the wall or ceiling.