Reflective LED Dog Vest

Reflective LED Dog Vest
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When you have a big dog, you'd think that they'd be readily visible. As a pet owner, however, it won't take you long to learn that isn't always the case. Whether you're out on a run with your pet or searching for him in your big back yard after dark, it's not always as easy to find him as you'd like! Thankfully, whether you have a huge dog who possesses the uncanny ability to disappear in spite of his size or a tiny dog who is able to slip away unseen every time you turn your back for a second, this Reflective LED Dog Vest is the answer to all your troubles.

Prevent Accidents When They Aren't On a Leash

You do your best to keep your dog either leashed or in the safety of your back yard. Unfortunately, as hard as you try, it can be difficult to keep him from slipping straight out the gate, or over the gate, or under the gate. If he can get his head through it, he seems to be able to slip right on out, often without your knowledge. You worry, though, that cars might not be able to see him, especially if they come flying down your road. Thankfully, with his LED vest in place, your dog will be much more likely to attract drivers' attention before it's too late.

Let Drivers Know Where You Are

Your dog is your faithful running buddy. She slogs along with you first thing every morning, and during the fall and winter months, it's not always light during your run! Now, you can let oncoming traffic easily know where both of you are. Simply slip on her vest, light it up, and the two of you can run with the assurance that no one is going to miss you in the darkness.

Drop the Hide and Seek Game

There's nothing worse than searching the entire yard for your dog in the middle of the night, when you thought it was just going to be a quick bathroom trip. Worse is staggering up for a cup of water in the middle of the night and tripping over a grey or black dog in the dark hallway: suddenly, that yelp is waking up the entire household! With a Reflective LED Dog Vest, that doesn't have to be the case. Your dog will be easy to find no matter how dark it might be.

The vest is easy to recharge and easy to get on your dog. It will provide up to twelve continuous hours of light, allowing you to easily locate your dog in the dark no matter how long they've been running. You can choose from one of four convenient sizes, all of which are entirely adjustable to allow you to get the best possible fit for your best friend. There's nothing like the security of knowing that everyone will be able to see your dog coming--or of knowing that you'll be able to, as well.