Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar
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Modern art? Weird scientific equipment? Perpetual calendar with such unique styling that visitors will do a double-take and ask, "Just what IS that thing?" In truth, this unique object is a combination of all three. Offered by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), it will add style and convenience to a room.

Easily displayed on a desk or shelf or mounted to the wall with the included hardware, this perpetual calendar will become a conversation starter anywhere in your home or office. Fashioned of injection-molded, heavy plastic, this dark grey, silver and white calendar is nine inches tall, 13 inches wide and about two inches deep. It would be a great addition to any room with contemporary styling even if you did not have to keep track of what day and month it is.

That is precisely what this perpetual calendar is great at, however. Magnetic balls in dark and pale grey are included. One points to the current month and the other attaches to the horizontal date bar to show what day it is. These balls do have to be moved manually every day. This calendar requires no electricity or batteries. It will also never become obsolete. Year after year, the months and days can be counted down in perpetuum.

Perfect for a gift or personal use, this perpetual calendar from MoMA is stylish, quirky and very helpful to have around.