Temporary Door Lock

Temporary Door Lock
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There are numerous occasions when the lock already installed on a door simply isn't enough. Thankfully, there's now a solution for you. The Temporary Door Lock is designed to provide an added layer of protection to any door that opens inward. It holds it tightly in place, preventing it from opening from the outside while you remain safe and secure inside. The product is easy to use and light enough that it can be easily carried in your pocket. With a design that's no bigger than an iPhone, you'll have no trouble at all transporting this door lock in your pocket or luggage.

Secure Your Apartment Door

There are plenty of times when it's necessary to live in an apartment that isn't in the best area of town. Many college students find themselves choosing budget apartments in areas that aren't as safe in order to find an apartment that fits their budget. Others may find themselves living in rent-assisted housing in an area that isn't kept up as well as they'd like. Luckily, the Temporary Door Lock will help secure the front door, adding an extra level of safety for individuals who need it.

Make Sure Your Hotel Door Stays Closed

If you've ever been at a budget motel in the middle of nowhere, you know that often, you take what you can get. They aren't well-kept, they aren't always in the best areas of town, and they might have doors that simply aren't as secure as you'd like. Whether the chain on the door is broken or too flimsy to provide the protection you'd like, your Temporary Door Lock will hold the door in place, increasing your feeling of safety until you're able to escape the next morning.

Put Off Changing the Locks

Changing the locks on your door can be expensive, especially if you don't have the skill to do it yourself. Unfortunately, there are all too many occasions when it's necessary to prevent someone who has a key from getting through your door. You might be kicking out a disgruntled roommate, taking possession of your home after a messy divorce, or simply uncomfortable with someone who has a key to your residence. Whatever the case, this door lock will offer you peace of mind while you wait for new locks to be installed.

Prevent Little Ones from Opening the Door

Do you have a toddler who has just figured out how to open doors, a too-easy lock on the door, and a deep-set fear of your child escaping? Luckily, you can now secure your door in such a way that it can't be opened by someone low to the ground, giving you the freedom to go to the bathroom or fold a load of laundry without having to worry that when you come back, your child will have disappeared. It's quick and easy to attach to your door and equally easy to pull off again, making it the ideal product for a parent who's experienced too many heart-pounding moments.

Any time you need to temporarily add an extra level of protection to a door in your life, the Temporary Door Lock is the perfect product for you. Keep one on hand for all your traveling needs, use it at home, or give them as gifts to anyone you know who travels frequently and watch your loved ones' security skyrocket. This product is perfect for offering peace of mind no matter where you go.