Glow Stick Cups

$16.99 on Amazon
There is nothing that quite makes a party stand like glow sticks. Once glow sticks start to get passed around, the fun has begun. There are many different type of glow stick accessories, but none quite like the glow stick cup. Yes, that's right, glow stick cups. These cups will make having a drink at the party an even more exciting thing to do. With the patented cup, you will be able to simply snap a glow stick into place right below the rim of the cup. This will be a great way to have a fun glowing drink during a fun dark party or out at the club.

In a pack of 24 cups, this price of under 20 dollars is very new in the world of glow stick cups. These cups are out there, but they are usually much more expensive, and sometimes only sold as individual cups. This cup will allow individuals to host a whole party on a budget, and still have a very unique party favor to hand out during the festivities. At 9 ounces, this is a perfect size for mix drinks or beer from the keg. This is a great and fun alternative to the typical plastic red cups at most parties.

These glow stick cups can be great for kids parties as well. There are kids that will absolutely love the idea of having glowing cups at their party. This is something that will make their birthday or party so memorable. It can also be a great addition to night games in the neighborhood. These cups can be used as place markers, or can be a great way to have a cup that you will be able to find during these night games. There are more and more uses for these glow stick cups that kids can use.