Alligator Tongs

Alligator Tongs
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Hosting a party for guests that have never met each other or serving dinner for your new in-laws can be quite intimidating and stressful. Fortunately, there are other ways to entertain and break the silence than inviting a magician or clown to the party. Like this snapping alligator salad tongs made by Fred and Friends. It’s sure to get your guests chatting away.

This unique kitchen utensil is designed in the shape of an alligator with teeth at the end where the tongs clamp. It measures 10 inches long and about 1 ½ inches wide with bright green plastic and stainless steel parts. Some reviews mentioned that the alligator mouth didn't open as wide as they would’ve liked. However, they were easily able to adjust the width to their preference since the bent end is made out of sturdy metal.

Additionally, these tongs are equipped with a spring that opens the tongs when the user’s hand relaxes. This feature enables the user to grip the food with less force that would otherwise be required if there was no spring.

Show off your alligator tongs at your next event, whether it’s a potluck, baby shower, or a birthday party, to name a few. They would be an exceptionally great hit at a kids party. Although the kids might be tempted to use it to snap and pretend to take little nibbles out of each other. Just adds to the fun though, right? Or perhaps, fulfilling every mother’s dream, they will inspire your child to eat more salad. After all, the more salad they eat, the more they get to use the nifty alligator teeth. Just picture it, “nom, nom, nom… green salad”- insert smiley face with tongue sticking out.

After a party, the last thing you want to do is wash the dishes by hand. Fortunately, this set of tongs is dishwasher safe and there is no need to fret over rust with its stainless steel frame.

In addition, the salad tongs could make a great gift for a wedding, elephant gift exchange, or just about any other occasion. People love it when they’re given creative, personal gifts that they can tell took some thoughtful effort on the giver's part. Especially when the gift is both neat and useful. After all, as creative or funky as an item may be, who wants more junk sitting around collecting dust? Plus, if they’re a big salad eater, they’ll be extra grateful. If you’re not sure that they even eat salad, fear not, they can always use it for picking up ice out of a bin.

The snapper alligator tongs bring a childlike, playful atmosphere to mundane cooking tasks. Embrace the fun and bring yourself back to childhood days spent stuffing chips in plastic dinosaur mouths or throwing tea parties with dolls.

Go ahead, get one for yourself and remember it whenever you’re in need of an unusual gift. Its cute design and vibrant, eye-catching color will sure to be a crowd-pleaser.