Lid and Spoon Rest

$8.95 on Amazon
Looking for a thoughtful gift for the chef in your life? Consider giving them the stainless steel lid and spoon rest from Progressive International. It's a handy little tool that'll be a welcome addition to any kitchen. This lid and spoon holder is the ideal size for holding just about any size or type of lids, cooking utensils, and splatter screens. It helps to keep stove tops and counters clean and provides a simple and orderly way to keep lids and cooking utensils within arm’s reach without causing your stove or kitchen counter to look cluttered.

The lid and spoon rest is made from stainless steel and is both durable and attractive. It's dishwasher safe and measures just over 7 inches long, 6 inches wide and just under 8 inches tall and weighs just 12 ounces. Plus it can match any kind of kitchen décor. It's a functional and inventive kitchen tool. One that's very convenient for both novice cooks and experts. It also helps to save precious counter space and makes what can be a tedious task a little easier. The lid and spoon holder is sleek and stylish. It's one of those kitchen tools that anyone will be glad to have.

Big enough to hold pot spoons and spatulas, the lid and spoon holder is easy to clean and barely takes up any space at all. You can use the product to hold 17 inch wok lid and even lids for large oval roasters. It's very stable and can even hold a 3 pound glass Dutch oven lid without a problem. Plus you can put more than one lid on it at the same time. It's a must-have for any cook or kitchen especially if counter top space is an issue. It's even dishwasher safe. It's simply a great idea.

Here’s a smart little question:
Where’s the spoon after a stirring session?

On the tabletop?
Slop! Stop! Slop!

Put this to the test,
Try the lid and spoon rest!