Stark Industries T-Shirt

Stark Industries T-Shirt
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Are you in love with the Iron Man franchise? Declare yourself with a Stark Industries t-shirt that any Comic-Con fan is going to understand.

For you folks not familiar with Iron Man, the character first appeared in 1963 in "Tales of Suspense," a Marvel Comics comic book. Iron Man is one of the founding members of the Avengers team and appeared in those series and his own series as well. The first "Iron Man" movies opened in theatres in 2008 with Robert Downey Jr portraying the part of Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark. There have been two more movies to follow with a fourth installment anticipated by adoring fans. The Iron Man character appears in two "Avengers" movies, the first in 2012 and a second in 2015. Mr. Downey did cameos as Iron Man for "The Incredible Hulk" (2008) and "Captain America: Civil War" (2016), who are a couple members on his Avengers team.

You don't have to be the hero type. It is just a t-shirt, right?

The shirt harkens back to the early days of Tony Stark's business, which was later known as Stark International, Stark/Fujikawa, Stark Innovations, Stark Resilient and Stark Enterprises. The billion-dollar company has appeared in several Marvel Comics comic stories as well as the movies.

The shirt is all about Iron Man, but these are not iron on transfers. The shirts are professionally screen printed on ten different hues including black, cherry red, sport grey, royal blue, white, purple, safety orange, Irish green, safety pink and daisy. Pick your size, either small, medium, large or x-large. Don't worry about getting a bigger size to allow for shrinking. The material is 100 percent cotton and already preshrunk.

You can expect fabric as soft as Pepper Potts' hair, not that cheap, stiff stuff that makes you feel like you are wearing a cardboard box. Don't be caught unawares like Ms. Potts when she said, "Oh, no, I always forget to wear deodorant and dance with my boss in a room full of people I work with in a dress with no back." At least you've got your t-shirt, and hopefully deodorant.

This t-shirt would make a great birthday present for the Iron Man or Avengers fan in your life, or be like Pepper Potts and buy your own birthday present like she did in the "Iron Man" movie, except Mr. Stark paid for it unawares. He did ask her if it was a nice present, to which she responded that it was "very tasteful." We all don't have the resources like Mr. Stark to buy "very tasteful" presents for our assistant/love interests, but we don't need resources like his to get a cool t-shirt like this one that is more suitable to our own tastes.

You know what you like. May as well take care of yourself. You don't have to listen to Ho Yinsen when he told Tony Stark he was the man who had everything and nothing. At least with this purchase you would have a t-shirt.