Multicolor Light Show Lamp

Multicolor Light Show Lamp
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The reason we dance is because we have to, because we pump up the jam, and we live in a love shack. It is a celebration every single day with the Multicolor Light Show Lamp. The lights literally move to the music like it’s 1999. Whether you are saving a horse and riding a cowboy or jumping around, these light effects will add an awesome edge to any party, even if you are fighting for your right to party.

There will be lights dancing on the ceiling all night long with this light show lamp. You should be able to pull out your super freak from deep inside and let your freak flag fly. There are four different programs to match whatever your desire, even a chill-out mode for when you are comfortably numb. In this age of modern love, one should not be dancing in the dark. Let’s get it started in here with 20 different light and color combinations.

This light show lamp is bringing sexyback for sure. When the groove is in the heart, you will surrender to the music. One time I was feeling drunk in love and needed to dance it out since you were nowhere to be found. I made a playlist of my favorite dance songs and started dancing, but something was missing. I tried to make a snack, but that just got messy. I called a friend, but they just didn’t get it. I changed my clothes, moved to a new house, and got a new dog. Nothing seemed to work. Nothing filled the hole that was left in my soul. The music selection was perfect, but it needed something with it.

When I saw this light show, I knew that’s what was missing. After ordering, I did not want to move through the playlist too fast, so I left baby got back on repeat for days until the package finally arrived. Thankfully it runs on AA batteries, and I was able to get it up and running as soon as I pulled it out of the box. The party was hot immediately. It was pumping up in here. By the time U can’t touch this came on, I was so lost in the music and lights that nothing else mattered. I waited for you while dancing uncontrollably.

You arrived later that I thought you would, but I was still dancing. The lights, moving perfectly to my jams, caused you to lose yourself. The lines blurred and I knew it was gonna make you sweat. You pushed it real good, though, and we danced until we passed out at the YMCA. That’s when we realized we were not in ‘da club. I told you what I like about you and you told me to whip it, but we were much too tired for all that jazz. I knew we found love in a hopeless place. As we were slowly falling asleep, I asked you to wake me up before you go-go.