Reflective Fire Glass

Reflective Fire Glass
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There's nothing quite like curling up in front of a roaring fire when it's cold outside. Whether you're sitting there with a book and a mug of your favorite hot drink or cuddling with someone special, the fire adds a gorgeous touch that sets the mood and makes everything perfect. If you're looking to update the design of an older-style gas fireplace, however, you can kick it up a notch: this Reflective Fire Glass will make your home even more cozy than ever before.

Elegance and Style in Glass Form

These 1/4 inch pieces of reflective glass will add an extra shine to every fire you light. The quiet elegance will fade into the background when the fire is out, not distracting from your other decor. Once the fire is lit, however, you'll find that the gentle sparkle enhances the appearance of the fire, making it look even more appealing than ever.

Appropriate for Indoor or Outdoor Use

There are plenty of different fires that you might choose to use throughout your home, and all of them may benefit from a little brightening up. Whether you're planning an outdoor fire pit or updating your indoor fire, the gorgeous Reflective Fire Glass will add an extra touch to your fire area. It's a great way to make your fire just a little bit brighter as it sparkles off of the reflective pieces.

Ideal for Propane and Natural Gas Fires

If you're using a wood-burning fireplace, this reflective fire glass is probably not the product for you. Since you'll need to sweep the coals out and clean your fireplace more regularly, there's no good way to maintain the gorgeous appearance of the glass over time, especially with the increased levels of soot from a wood-burning fire. For natural gas or propane fires, however, the reflective glass will enhance the appearance of the fire whether it's lit or simply waiting for you to turn it on.

Ordering Plenty: How Much is 10 Lbs?

Many reviewers have noted that when ordering this fire glass, you need to be aware of how much a ten pound bag is really able to hold. Because glass is heavy, ten pounds of fire glass is about 3/4 of a gallon. If you're using this glass in a traditional fireplace, many reviewers recommend around 30 lbs in order to fill it adequately. Once you've found the proper amount for you, however, you'll get the mesmerizing effect of flames dancing off of the gorgeous blue glass, lighting up your room as never before.

If you want to add an extra bit of beauty to your fireplace, fire pit, or other source of flame, this reflective glass is the perfect way to accomplish exactly that. Fire is appealing to many people anyway. Adding in the fire glass, however, takes fire from beautiful to stunning, offering an enhancement to the appearance of your fireplace that will make it look better than ever whether the fire is lit or not.