Glowing Hair Gel

Glowing Hair Gel
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You already know how to turn your hair brilliant shades of your favorite bright colors, turning heads wherever you go during the daylight. In the dark, however, those vibrant shades have always disappeared, leaving you looking just like anyone else. Not anymore! This Glowing Hair Gel doesn't just brighten up your hair during the day. It also glows in its signature shade under UV light, leaving you with a gorgeous, shining mane that will certainly stand out from any crowd.

Choose the Rainbow

When you decide to light up your hair under glowing UV lights, you have a variety of shades to choose from. Glowing Hair Gel comes in pink, green, yellow, and blue: every color you need to make your hair shine no matter what your preferred shade. You can select a single color or go for the prize and use them all: whatever your signature style may be, there's sure to be a glowing color for you.

Small Tubes Make Application Easy On the Go

You never know when the mood to spice up your color might strike. Whether you're brightening up a slumber party or tucking these colors into your bag so that you can apply them after work, the small bottle and easy application style make this the most portable hair color you could ask for. It's designed to be convenient so that you can take your glowing hair wherever you go. Note: some people have found that the hair gel is a bit messy to apply, especially if they aren't familiar with the process. If you're going to be in a hurry or applying your hair gel in a place that's difficult to clean, it might be more practical to try an experimental run-through ahead of time.

Washes Out Fast

There's nothing worse than waking up Monday morning and trying desperately to get the weekend's colors out of your hair, only to discover that it's stuck fast. Many schools prohibit any color that can't be found naturally on a head, and there are plenty of workplaces that frown on it, too. Thankfully, Glowing Hair Gel is designed to let you party hard for as long as you like, then wash it away with a single wash. You can enjoy your hair color on the weekend, then return to school or work on Monday morning with nothing left to give you away.

Cosmetically Certified

Sure, glowing colors are fun, but you want to make sure that they're safe, too! All of the chemicals that go into your hair gel are safe for cosmetic use. That means that you can feel comfortable brightening up your hair without having to worry about what's in the bottle.

Note: This glowing hair is designed to glow specifically under UV light. Unfortunately, it won't make you glow in the dark without a little help from the bulbs. If you're planning to really make a splash with your new hair color, you'll want to be sure that you have access to a black light.