Cat Sleeping Mask

Cat Sleeping Mask
$10.99 on Amazon
Morning, afternoon, or night,
any time is time for naps.
But when there's too much light
is sleeping difficult, perhaps?

Your cat naps should be hard to stop
when you've got this eye shade.
Never again will your sweet dreams
be suddenly unmade!

This is a cat sleeping mask! It's not for cats, it's for humans to look kind of like cats while they sleep. It is made of very soft materials (cotton, satin, and nylon). The mask blocks light. It has adjustable straps. Do not put the cat sleeping mask in the washing machine. Instead, wash it by hand and let it dry laying flat somewhere. It is 7.9 on x 3.1 in.

A User Review For You: "It seems I am always at war with sleep. I have tried many different sleeping masks. Most of them have you put an elastic band around your hair. I never liked this because it didn't feel very comfortable and seemed to hurt my hair. This mask has the bands go over your ears. I like this approach. As long as you don't put too much tension on the ear straps, you will like it too. It's soft. It blocks light. It has some extra fabric to fold down by your nose to block the nose light. It's wonderful."