Game Boy Tetris Vinyl

Game Boy Tetris Vinyl
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If you don't have a sense of humor, then you probably shouldn't have kids. However, if you have kids and a sense of humor, this is a must-have product. How many times does a mother get to tell the kid who just lost their turn at the Wii, to go play with the fridge? You have to admit that is the coolest answer ever. The Game Boy Tetris Vinyl can be placed wherever your imagination takes you. The vinyl cannot be used on Teflon and safeguard surfaces, or VOC paints.

The decals would make super-cool decorative touches for the little boy who loves video games. If you use your cell phone ringer and bells at just the right time, he will never know it’s not the real deal. When he complains that it’s not working, tell him that he’s pushing the buttons too hard. When all else fells, tell him that he has broken it. It could make a great party decoration too, although you should put it where you want an area decorated, because once it has been applied it cannot be removed. That’s not to say “Never”, but it will not peel away without distorting or tearing the design.

It could be fun on a shower wall surround, as well. It might be that little incentive you need to get the 10-year-old in the tub. He or she will have fun pretending to play Tetris and not realize they are getting clean.

The vinyl measures 39-inches high by 18-inches wide (the control buttons measure 6-high by 6-wide), and would cover those little holes you don’t want to patch or paint. It’s made from interior matte vinyl, and has no odor. What? Your kid’s rooms don't smell, right? It’s available in an assortment of colors; Tomato Red, Orange, Medium blue, and Dark Red. Who doesn't need a wall, floor, ceiling, or electronics decoration that will make that big spot of spaghetti sauce blend-in?

No matter where you put the decoration, it’s bound to be a cool addition to your home. You might end up explaining to the neighbor that your child is not lying when he says he has a 3-foot Game Boy, but it will be so-worth the fun it will create.

The product comes with instructions that basically say, apply as if putting decals on your Model-T. Actually, they’re a good deal easier to understand than the ones that tell you not to stick your finger in a light socket while standing in the bathtub. If after a quick glance through the instructions you still cannot figure out how to apply the vinyl, get your 6-year-old to do it. The instructions are that easy.

Because it’s vinyl, you will need to smooth as you apply to get out the air bubbles. The manufacturer recommends using a credit card to apply the vinyl so that you do not tear it. So, just have fun with it.