Responsive Equalizer Beanie

$39.87 on Amazon
Beanies are a great fashion statement, and also a great way to keep your head warm. When you have a beanie on, it's go time. Whether you are out to party, going snowboarding, or just hitting up the library to study hard for your finals, you will know that a beanie will be a great companion that will be able to keep your head warm all day and night long. This responsive equalizer beanie is a great beanie that not only keeps your head warm, but shows you how hard you are rocking out. This beanie responds to the noise level in your area, and lights up an equalizer on the side of your head.

When you are going to a concert or rave, you need to make sure that your head is warm. You also need to make sure that everyone knows how awesome you are. This beanie will be able to help you with both of these things. For a very affordable price, you will be able to have a beanie that really helps you stick out in the crowd. This sound activated beanie will make you the hit of a party, and will help you to attract all the attention that you want.

There is nothing quite cooler than a really cool beanie. This beanie is something that will give you the ability to be the hit of the party. This is also a great idea for a really inexpensive Halloween costume. There are many uses for this beanie beyond concerts and raves as well. You can use this beanie as a fashion statement any day of the week. This beanie would help you stand out at your average party or family gathering. This can also be a great beanie to wear during big games at home or at a sports venue.