Doctor Who Remote Control

Doctor Who Remote Control
$763.18 on Amazon
Just like that Time Lord's screwdriver
this thing will do it all
and any television
will be at your beck and call.

The Doctor has his TARDIS, sure,
but you can work a box.
The same cannot be said
of those who only can turn clocks.

This is a universal remote control that you program based on gestures. There are 13 different gestures that you can program to do different things to the TV. The Doctor Who remote control is compatible with most things including iPod docks, Blue-ray players, and of course, television. The The Doctor Who remote control also has 13 authentic sounds. A quiet mode is also available. The remote control looks just like Doctor Who's.

A User Review For You: "I decided to get this as a gift for my brother for Christmas. As a huge Doctor Who fan, he absolutely loved receiving this! I too, think this is almost as cool as Doctor Who's own screwdriver. I was worried about how practical and easy-to-use this remote control would be, but, I soon found out it is awesome! Once we started setting it up, we had four devices ready to go in less than five minutes. One neat feature is the practice mode which allows you to get the hang of the controls and motions without actually impacting the TV. You will find that the sensor is really quite accurate and simple to learn. This is the PERFECT gift for any Doctor Who fan."