Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Fridge

Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Fridge
$151.95 on Amazon
Never fear, the Doctor and his TARDIS are here! Well, not really, but his TARDIS is here and it is in the form of a mini-fridge. This fridge is bigger on the inside, well not really, but I've always wanted to say that. While it may not be bigger on the inside like the Doctor's TARDIS, you can still have your very own TARDIS!

This Doctor Who TARDIS mini fridge is an officially licensed Doctor Who collectible item. The color is exact TARDIS blue and is a perfect replica of the Doctor's favorite mode of transport. The exterior of the TARDIS mini refrigerator measures as 10.5" high 7.5" wide 10.5" deep. The size amounts to about two toasters on top of one another. This mini fridge is big enough to store up to 6 cans of 12oz sodas, a few sandwiches, jelly babies, or fish fingers and custard.

The TARDIS mini fridge weighs 6.2 pounds and can fit comfortably on any desk or table without compromising any extra room. It is light and easy to ship, arriving in perfect condition. The TARDIS mini fridge will plug into any standard US plug, as well as a 12 volt car socket in case it needs to travel throughout space and time. The mini fridge not only has the ability to cool well, but also includes a warming function to heat food up as well. The mini fridge runs quietly, no louder than the hum of a computer, copy machine, or regular refrigerator.

This official Doctor Who item is a must have for any Whovian! Use it as a conversation piece at your workplace or gift it to that special Whovian you know. Just watch you don't change the chameleon circuit on this TARDIS mini fridge or you may never find it again! Geronimo!

The title is a little misleading because this TARDIS has the ability to heat food up as well as keep stuff cool. The fridge gets cool enough to have a little ice form in the back inside of it. I think it also makes a cool sound when you open it, but, I am not 100% sure on that (75% sure). So, if you are looking for a mini fridge and like Doctor Who - this could be the one for you.