Battery Organizer With Tester

Battery Organizer With Tester
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Even with huge waves in virtual-age technological innovations, classic dry-cell and lithium batteries still power much of our world. Unfortunately, loose batteries can become some of the most disorganized and misplaced items in a home or business.

This mountable battery organizer with tester is a great way to keep batteries close at hand and organized into common types, classes, and pairings. It measures 12โ€ x 12โ€ x 1.8โ€ and weighs less than one pound. It is made from a durable plastic composite. When fully loaded with batteries, it will weigh around 5-6 pounds, but the sturdy eyelets are strong enough for wall and door mounting.

The compartments include slots for D, C, AA, AAA, 9v batteries, and small drawers for various sizes of lithium batteries (for watches, small toys, hearing aides, car accessories etc). The tester has L-shaped contacts that relay an accurate charge metering without draining power left in a โ€œmystery battery.โ€

There are many makeshift ways to organize batteries, but the inclusion of a tester makes the difference. What good is having a bunch of batteries when you can't tell if they are working? Worse yet, is constantly taking toys or other items apart and putting them back together, simply to find that a battery set is dead. This organizer's tester saves time, money, and is conveniently stored in a visible place.

Like hot dogs and buns, batteries are sold in packs that sometimes do not coincide with the manufacturer requirements for power. Some items require six batteries, but packs normally include 2, 4, or 8 (even numbers) of batteries. Consumers will either by more batteries than needed, or resort to cheaper brands. Cheaper batteries cost more in the long run to replace, and there are more batteries to become misplaced.

On another hand, specialty rechargeable and lithium batteries can be extremely expensive. It is nearly trauma-causing to lose perfectly good specialty batteries. While saving for a later recharge, or waiting for a long-life lithium to weaken, it isn't worth letting them lay around to get lost. This organizer keeps expensive batteries at-hand and separated for as long as needed.

Another negative aspect of letting batteries just lie around, is corrosion and cell leakage. When batteries touch each other for a long time without use, the chemical compounds inside will become caustic and โ€œchewโ€ their way outside of the cell. This acidic, gooey stuff can destroy nearby items, and make a perfectly good battery useless. It's also dangerous for pets and children. The simple act of organizing batteries where they can be found within their lifespan, and kept in individual slots, is safe secure.

This invention is especially helpful when trying to organize exceptional numbers of loose batteries. It is ideal for shops and stores that display and demonstrate working product samples for the public. For this reason alone, having two or more of these organizers increases thriftiness, and helps everyone avoid frustration. It is also good to keep this organizer in a household or business's common areas. If everyone needing batteries knows where to find them at all times, it will eliminate budget-busting excess purchases.