Mystery Package

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Do you enjoy shopping for gifts? Most people spend countless hours searching stores and the internet for that perfect and unique gift for their friends and family. You know the types of things they like, but you are concerned that they will probably already own the gift you buy them. Mystery Package takes the guessing game out of gift shopping.

You are probably wondering how a service like this will eliminate the chances of receiving a duplicate item. The powers-that-be scour the earth in search of exceptional artists who can create hand-made items specific to each Mystery Package recipient's interests. Each box has 1-3 gifts and includes information about the artists that created the gifts. While exceptional artists are hard to find, they try to work with as many hand-made artists as they can each month. They also look for brands that offer awesome products that are new and unique while also fitting your interests.

When you sign up, you are asked a series of questions so the gifts can be individualized. You also choose how many gifts will be delivered, by signing up for a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription. When ordering your boxes, you can include a personal note to add a touch of love to your gift. Just make sure you specify which month goes with each message so the message doesn't get lost in translation.

The coolest thing about this product is that it puts a little spontaneity in your life. Your friends and family will be surprised and delighted by your change from boring and mundane to exciting! Not only give a gift, but also give the feeling of being a child opening their presents, not knowing what to expect. Adults are used to predictability; these boxes will shock and surprise you. If you don't like what is sent, they welcome your opinion so they can make your experience even better. So stop searching for that perfect gift and take a chance, your friends and family won't be disappointed.