Stark Direwolf Flash Drive

Stark Direwolf Flash Drive
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Jon Snow might be often accused of knowing nothing, but in our modern world, even he would see the appeal of a Stark Direwolf Flash Drive. Fans of HBO's Game of Thrones, or the literary braggers who love to remind viewers that the books the series is based on is actually A Song of Ice and Fire, will absolutely love this flash drive.

Giving all the full functionality of a high-quality flash drive with strong waterproof protection, the Stark Direwolf also offers an absolutely amazing looking design that will get attention from anyone who sees it. This design of the Stark family, by far and away the most popular family in the series, will grab attention with the silver sigil.

One of the major benefits here is the quality of work. The silver Direwolf head looks so nice you can easily get away with using it as a necklace, attaching it to a bracelet, or adding it to your key chain. This shows off style and is a great conversational piece. If the person you're talking to happens to be a fan, then the conversation easily flows into the next book and your favorite Stark/Snow conspiracies.

When it comes to flash drives, you want one that offers plenty of memory while still offering full protection. You're not going to find much better than this popular design. Many "fan" designs are meant for fans of the show but they don't hold up under real world use. This is one example where fortunately it does hold up well.

Why Look At The Stark Direwolf Flash Drive?
-8 GB of memory
-Decorative Direwolf design
-Protective outer cover
-Waterproof for further protection
-A little loop to attach to key chains or necklaces

The Stark Direwolf Flash Drive is a great way to show your support for the series while getting the protection you need for your precious data.