Death Star Mood Light

Death Star Mood Light
$45.00 on Amazon
If you're looking to get your geek on and brighten up any room--or perhaps bring in a hint of the Dark Side--this Death Star Mood Light is the perfect decorative addition. Carefully designed to replicate the iconic Death Star, including a clear base to give the illusion that it's hovering or floating over the surface of your desk, the mood light is the ideal decoration for any Star Wars fan. It runs with a micro USB connection to your computer, so it will need that handy space to work properly; however, anywhere your computer can go, this Death Star can go, too.

Capture Your Coworkers' Attention

You've put a lot of time and effort into decorating your office. You want it to reflect your personality with a side of geek fun--and what could be more you than a Death Star hovering over by your desk? Use it to provide a low light to help rest your eyes when you're not glued to your computer or turn it off when the overhead lights are blazing: the easy-touch on and off push down action will make it simple for you to turn it on and off at need.

Create a New Mood in Your Bedroom

Have you ever wished that you could use the Death Star to transform your room in to the perfect Star Wars paradise? Now, you can! Simply place the iconic Death Star in your bedroom and watch the geek in your life grow even more excited to be, to watch movies. It's the perfect diffuse lighting for watching television or using your computer in bed: no bright lights to reflect off of the screen, just enough low light to keep you from getting a headache or from tripping over your own two feet when you get up to visit the bathroom or refill on snacks.

Redecorate Your Living Room

With the creation of The Force Awakens, many Star Wars fans are showing their pride as never before. They're pulling out the decorations that have gathered dust for years, picking up geek toys by the dozens, and putting in the extra time and money to create the perfect geek paradise in their homes. If you want to flaunt your fandom and show it off to everyone who enters your house, the Death Star Mood Light is the perfect way to do exactly that.

It's easily recognizable, so even your non-geek friends will know exactly what you're displaying. It's small, so it will tuck into any open space on your desk--even if it's cluttered with blueprints and battle plans. Even better, it will display its light throughout the room as a whole. Playing games in a dim room? You'll need this light to navigate. Curling up on the couch with that special someone? Your Death Star Mood Light will help set the mood.

No matter what room needs a little extra Star Wars decoration, the familiar Death Star will provide everything you need to show off your fandom and create the impression you're looking for. Looking for a gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? This product is perfect for that, too. Try it out today to see just how great the power of the Dark Side can be.