Chainmail Pot Scrubber

$15.99 on Amazon
This is the perfect tool for that difficult gritty, food that just won’t come off. This scrubber is perfect for cast iron cookware. What makes this product even better is that it can be used on glassware, plates, and even casserole dishes. What makes this special is that it is tough on the nasty grit on the cookware, but very gentle on the cast iron itself. This is even perfect for a pre-seasoned cast iron and even those where you can add your own seasonings.

Many people ask, is this dishwasher safe? The answer is yes! This stainless steel pot scrubber is not only the best cleaner for any cast iron cook wear, but it is even easy to clean itself. This product is even perfect for those hard to clean cookie sheets and hibachi grills. People have even taken this scrubber on camping trips. This can pretty much be used on any hard to clean cook wear product. This scrubber was created to last, even as long as your cast iron cook wear.

One of the main questions is will this chain mail pot scrubber need to be oiled due to rusting? There is no need for oiling the scrubber because there is no rusting involved. Why use a scrubber rather than a kitchen sponge? Well, did you know that kitchen sponges hold a lot of bacteria and can even be dirtier than a toilet seat? Time to throw those bacteria infested sponges away. It even comes with a hanging ring to hang up the scrubber when you are fished cleaning.

When cleaning cook wear, you do not even have to use soap to get the grit off, the scrubber does all the work. Of course use soap to disinfect the cook wear. This is even the perfect gift for any cooking enthusiast.