Pizza Cologne

$23.99 on Amazon
Have you ever wanted to smell like a fresh baked, authentic Italian pizza? If so, Demeter Pizza Cologne is just what you're looking for! In all seriousness, yes, there is actually such a thing as pizza scented cologne.

Why does it exist? Because apparently someone at Demeter decided it should. That being said, Demeter is known for such products and offers everything from vanilla cake batter cologne to cosmopolitan cocktail scented cologne. If you have ever seriously wanted to smell like something that probably shouldn't, Demeter has got you covered. The Pizza Cologne Spray comes in 4 oz. bottles and is priced very reasonably compared to what most would consider "real" colognes. The product comes in a nice looking box that you'd expect any sort of high-end cologne to come in. The bottle is also very nicely designed and not shaped like anything pizza related or anything crazy as you might have expected.

On the bottle there is a nice little motivational statement beginning with "Be yourself" similar to those that tend to be found on other colognes that place a very strong emphasis on branding. In fact, when it comes to branding Demeter has done an exceptional job of presenting their product.

So the question remains, what do you do with this product? If you're the class or office clown there are many creative ways you could use Demeter's Pizza Cologne, some of which may get you suspended or fired. If you work at a pizza parlor and don't know what to get your boss for Christmas, this may be the perfect gag gift. As for using this as an actual cologne... unless you are dating a woman who has some sort of creepy pizza fetish, you may want to stay away from that option.