Cupcake Corer

Cupcake Corer
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Cupcakes have become the most popular way to enjoy a dessert and not feel guilty about it. Everyone loves them. They make wonderful, tasty tray decorations. They are quick and easy to make.

Children and adults are especially fond of filled cupcakes. These were tricky to make and mostly available only from bake shops. One simple tool, a cupcake corer, changed all of that. Now, home bakers can enjoy filled cupcakes that defy only their own imaginations.

What is A Corer For Cupcakes?
A corer for cupcakes is similar to an apple corer in the hand model. What's really most fun for bakers are the newer corer models. These look like mini plungers. The idea of these tools are to create space in the center of the cupcake to fill with favorite fillings like chocolate fudge, butter cream, fruit preserves, mini chocolate chips, toffee bits and caramel.

The beauty of newer models is the attached container that allows bakers to place filling in the top portion of the plunger. This makes them more convenient. They are also less prone to loss of filling. The hand model makes a hole in the center of a cupcake. Then, filling has to be added manually. For avid cupcake bakers, it's worth the cost to choose a newer model. These fill dozens of cupcakes rapidly.

A Baker's "Must Have" Gadget
Most cooks and bakers are gadget lovers. A corer can be used whenever filling is needed in baked goods. Here's an idea: Use your corer the next time you want to make a round stuffed bread or donuts.