Hand Forged Samurai Sword

Hand Forged Samurai Sword
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Have you always dreamed of being a samurai, taking on all the evils of the world with your samurai sword in hand? Do you love the feeling of a handmade weapon in your hand, a reminder to the world that you're strong enough to take down any opponent? While you might not be able to walk down the street with your weapon in hand in modern society, you can certainly prepare yourself for any evil that might enter your home with this gorgeous Hand Forged Samurai Sword. With its carbon steel blade, blue cotton wrapped handle, and carved blue dragon wooden scabbard, the sword is designed to look fantastic hanging above your fireplace, sitting on a shelf in your man cave, or decorating the head of your bed--but it doesn't have to stay there.

Keep Your Skills Sharp

Like any skills, swordsmanship requires you to stay in practice in order to stay as sharp as your blade. Hone your skills by slicing into watermelons, chopping up pumpkins, and practicing your sword katas on a regular basis. This Hand Forged Samurai Sword will feel weightless in your hands as you work through the familiar movements, enjoying the grace, speed, and skill that only come from hours of practice. There are plenty of opportunities to practice in your home, and with this samurai sword in hand, you will be able to take advantage of all of them.

Impress Your Friends

When you spar with your friends, you usually use a wooden sword--or even better, a padded one that will keep your friends from getting hurt. Perhaps, in the past, you've even chosen these weapons together. With the Hand Forged Samurai Sword, however, you'll be displaying 41" of amazing, powerful, and functional blade that will send your opponents running for the hills. Note: the Hand Forged Samurai Sword should not be used for sparring with your friends, as a sharp blade is an unwise choice for playing with friends. Sparring with enemies, on the other hand, should be undertaken at your own risk and is in no way endorsed by us unless you're a trained samurai with the skills to take down any opponent and the ability to hide your tracks from modern society. Or if you're a super hero whose weapon of choice is a sword, in which case, we'd like to hear more about it your nighttime excursions.

Feel Like a Real Samurai

There are plenty of cheap blades out there that will let you pretend to be anything you like. When you hold the Hand Forged Samurai Sword in your hand, however, you'll know that you're holding a quality weapon that will allow you to take on any challenge, battle any opponent, and protect the things that you hold most dear. It's a powerful feeling, almost like holding a piece of history in spite of its modern construction. The samurai history is rich and detailed, and as you work with this sword, you'll feel a connection to it like nothing you have ever imagined before.