Gummy Candy Maker

Gummy Candy Maker
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There's just something about gummy candy that makes it everyone's favorite. Those sweet, squishy little blobs of goodness appeal to kids of all ages, from little ones who are still hoping for fruit snacks in their lunch every day to older "kids" who can put away entire large bags in a single sitting. Now, with this Gummy Candy Maker, you and your friends and family can make your very own gummy candy whenever you like.

Custom Make the Gummy Candy You Want

Sometimes, you just want the delicious pineapple-flavored gummy bears. Other times, you might want gummy snakes that come in a single color instead of transitioning halfway through, a sacrilege of mixed flavors. With this candy maker, you can create exactly the gummies that you envisioned. Never again will you open a bag of gummy bears only to sigh with disappointment as you realize that, once again, your favorite flavor is the one in shortest supply. You can mix up the colors that fit with the color scheme or theme of a party, setting out a candy buffet that perfectly fits the image in your mind. You can prepare an entire bag of your favorite color or use a friend's favorite to create the perfect gift. Whatever you can imagine, you can create!

The Perfect Slumber Party Activity

Slumber parties: those nights when little girls and boys eat too much sugar, giggle too loudly, and do everything but, well, slumber. Now, you can provide the perfect slumber party activity. The process of mixing up gummy candy is so simple that even your youngest party-goers should be able to participate. Allow them to come up with their own unique flavor combinations, even if it turns the final product an appalling shade. Don't worry: they're sure to eat the results! If you don't want to sugar the kids up too much while they're still in your care, the gummy candy will also make the perfect party favor.

Bring on Tons of Fun With Giant Gummy Candy

Have you ever found yourself pondering what, exactly, you would do with a giant gummy bear, but walking right on by it because there weren't enough for everyone? Now, you can make as many giant gummy bears as you like, in whatever color you prefer. It's the perfect centerpiece for a candy buffet or a teddy bear party. Set it in the middle of a teddy bear picnic or create an entire picnic display around the gummy candies. If you can imagine it, you now have the means to create it.

This gummy candy kit comes with the molds to make a giant gummy bear, twenty-two little gummy bears, seven gummy snakes, and nine gummy fish at the same time. It doesn't take long for the gummy candy to gel into its final form, so you can easily produce plenty of gummy candy in record time. You'll love the ease of preparing as many gummy treats as you want right in the convenience of your own kitchen. In fact, you may never go back to store-bought candy again! When the included candy mix runs out, you can experiment with a variety of other gummy recipes from your favorite websites.