Scented Duct Tape

Scented Duct Tape
$7.99 on Amazon
Duct tape has always been the go to tool of every handyman's toolbox. Now you can add a touch of flair to that standard with Duck Brand Scented Duct Tape.

It is made to the same high standards of strength and durability that you have come to expect from the traditional silver variety. With the new bright and cheery colors and a range of scents those embarrassing duct tape repairs can become a decorative touch to your home repair or art projects.

The tape is available in a single roll that is 1.88 inches wide and eight yards long. It is a very affordable product at $7.40 for each roll. Currently you can buy it in six different colors and scents. The available choices are a bubblegum scent that is pastel pink, grape scent in a deep purple, cupcake scent in fuchsia, lemon scented yellow, a mint in light green and orange colored orange creme.

With all of those choices you are sure to find just the thing for that art project or home repair. Fix your child's bed frame and send them off to dreamland with the smell of bubblegum. A whiff of cupcakes drifts through your kitchen while binding your appliance cords out of the way. The sweet smell of orange creamsicle permeates your craft room as you let your creative juices flow.

A whole new world of duct tape uses has been opened to the handyman or woman. What can you do with it?