The 30 Best Nutella Recipes

The 30 Best Nutella Recipes
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My first bite of Nutella was in a café in Paris and it was wrapped in a crepe. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I, of course, had never heard of Nutella before and my companions told me only that it was chocolate. I later found out that Nutella is as ubiquitous in Europe as peanut butter is in the U.S.

I brought a jar back with me from that trip and was eventually able to find it in stores here. That was 20 years ago and I have since learned how to make those crepes for myself. My son was raised on it and takes it as a sandwich in his lunchbox or as a snack on toast. I've never ventured to do much else with Nutella so I was intrigued when I saw this cookbook. Oh, the clever ways they have come up with to use Nutella. Everything looks so delicious! Many other people have also enjoyed these recipes and I've also heard comments that the recipes don't feel like the Nutella is just thrown in but complements and enhances the flavors.

So what is it that makes the flavor of Nutella so memorable? It's the perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnuts. I was most familiar with walnuts in baking, which I always found to be a rather harsh flavor, or peanuts as a spread. I found the hazelnut flavor to be very satisfying and smooth. I also really enjoy the texture of the spread itself.

If you want to broaden your Nutella horizons then you should check out this cookbook. This book would also be a great gift for a favorite cook, especially if you throw a jar of the stuff in with the book. Nutella is a delicious addition to any pantry and Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes is perfect for your cookbook collection.

Oh Nutella, how we love thee! If the thought of this sweet spread gets your taste buds watering, just wait till you see all of the delicious new ways to use it. This recipe book includes 30 recipes for yummy treats like cheesecake and macaroons. Makes a great gift or an awesome new addition to your own recipe collection.