Pixel Hair Bow

Pixel Hair Bow
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Girl gamers have it rough. It's always assumed that they know less than their male counterparts or that they're just gaming because a boyfriend dragged them into it. For female gamers who want to strut their stuff and give a nod to their 8-bit heritage, however, the Pixel Hair Bow is a stylish fashion accessory that makes a statement that can't be ignored. Girls who wear fashion accessories don't just play at gaming. They rock it, frequently beating their boyfriends at any game they please and making up an important part of the team.

When you wear the Pixel Hair Bow, you're making a statement about yourself: you're a gamer and proud of it. You don't need a guy to take you by the hand and walk you through a game. You're a gamer in your own right, and no one is going to stand in your way. Whether you've been gaming since the Atari was the best thing on the market or didn't pick up your first console until the PS4 hit the shelves, you can strut your stuff and wear your gamer pride.

Unfortunately, the Pixel Hair Bow isn't going to magically transform you into an 8-bit character who can plunge off into a game world of your own. You won't be able to chase down the villain or stop the end of the world simply because of your new fashion accessory--but you will be able to proclaim your favorite hobbies to the world. Who knows? You might even find a new friend who shares your taste.

The Pixel Hair bow is made of high quality felt material. Each bow is put together well so that it will be sure to make it through those all-night gaming sessions. You can rest assured that this is a purchase that will outlast your latest game fixation. The large, over-sized design is perfect for calling attention to your hair and your hobbies. Note: the Pixel Hair Bow, despite its appearance in many stock photos, is not made of plastic. This is a fabric bow. The fabric makes the bow much more comfortable and lighter weight, making it the perfect accessory for all-day wear instead of a cute conversation piece that you'll end up pulling off before you get down to the serious business of blasting star ships into oblivion, saving the princess, or saving the world.

The Pixel Hair Bow is attached to a spring hair clip that will hold your hair tightly and firmly out of your face. It's the perfect accessory for any hair style. Whether you're styling your own hair or displaying your gamer pride by putting matching bows on your daughter's pigtails, the Pixel Hair Bow fits right in. This hair bow is the perfect matching accessory to Pixel Bow Ties, Pixel Tie Clips, and other accessories typically designed for men. It's about time girls were able to display their gamer pride for the world to see, and the Pixel Hair Bow allows them to do exactly that.