Motorized Monocycle

Motorized Monocycle
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We all know about the bicycle
But what about the motorized monocycle?

With fine construction backing a futuristic design
You better bet that everyone wants to call one “mine.”

Cushioned, convenient and totally stylish
Once you buy one, it’s something you’ll keep polished.

This motorized monocycle is based off the original 1869 design. There is a 31cc, 4 stroke, 1.5 horse power engine. The motorized monocycle is able to reach speeds of 25 MPH. The monocycle is steered by leaning to the left or to the right and the vehicle is able to work on grass as well as pavement.

A Fake User Review For You: "I thought that buying this would increase my chances with the ladies and... I was right! They swoon as I drive by in my motorized monocycle. Some have even waved me down as I was going by. I love this thing!"