Glitch Playing Cards

Glitch Playing Cards
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Sometimes, when you're looking for a deck of playing cards, you just want something a little bit different. You don't want a deck that's exactly the same as everyone else's; you want something that will stand out. Whether you're a budding magician who wants to set yourself apart or a card game enthusiast who is tired of looking at the same design on every deck you own, there's a solution for you: Glitch Playing Cards.

Glitch playing cards have a completely unique design that is a pleasure to behold. Every card in every suit is subtly different from all the others, "glitched" in a way that is completely different from all the others. One card might have a chunk of the design shifted a little bit on one direction. Another might have a hazy look to the design, as though it's been duplicated. These cards are unlike any other on the market, with a design that is sure to delight.

Your Questions Answered

Q: Are these quality playing cards? I want something that will hold up to a lot of playing time.
A: Glitch playing cards are manufactured by the same company that makes Bicycle playing cards. They're high-quality cards that are designed with long-term use in mind. These cards will hold up to everything that a deck of Bicycle cards can be expected to hold up to--they just look fun while they're doing it.

Q: Is it easy to recognize the different suits? I don't want a deck of cards that I can't play with because I can't tell what I've got in my hand.
A: Each suit in the Glitch playing cards deck is easily recognizable. They have the same appearance as the suits in a regular deck of playing cards, just slightly "glitched" in a way that sets them apart.

Q: What cards come with the deck? Is it a full deck?
A: The Glitch playing card deck comes with all of the usual cards. It has a single Joker and one "Glitch" card unique to the deck that doubles as a second Joker.

Q: Who would want a deck of these cards? What's wrong with a traditional Bicycle deck?
A: Some people collect different types of cards. They might pick up a deck when they go on vacation, choosing a design that commemorates a fun trip. These would be a great token of friendship or stocking stuffer for someone who can never have enough decks of cards. Other people, like magicians, go through incredible numbers of card decks, so having another deck is always appropriate. Glitch playing cards are designed to present something unique for anyone who cares to add to their playing card collection.


This is a great deck of playing cards for anyone who is looking for a unique take on the usual deck of cards. Whether you're looking for a deck that will stand out when you and your friends are playing together or just looking to add to the collection, Glitch playing cards are a high-quality choice that you won't regret.