Paintball Machine Gun

Paintball Machine Gun
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Recently a friend of mine invited me to a fun filled day of paintball with him and his friends. I've always had friends that paintball religiously and yet, I know absolutely nothing about this popular extreme sport. I was surprised to learn that it’s been around since the eighties, there are professional level divisions and women participants are increasing every year. I haven’t decided whether or not to attend, but I have decided that if I do, I’m going to have the best weapon. After much research, I found said weapon which I’m sure came from Rambo’s private stock.

Point and Shoot

I’m a noob when it comes to guns and paintball, but I know that machine guns are the great equalizer and turn all into commandos. As I gazed upon the paintball machine gun my dreams of raging through a warzone on the back of a Toyota pickup began to invade my mind. The complete weight of the gun is 30lbs. It comes with an electronic trigger that fires semi-auto three shot burst and full auto modes.

I can feel my inner “man” sitting on my shoulder not whispering but yelling into my ear, “Buy it now!” As I move to make the purchase, I notice the price tag. I can already see my wife dousing my dreams in gasoline and lighting them on fire, I’m going to need to find multiple uses for this gun to justify the purchase.

Multi-tasking Machine Gun

In what other ways can I capitalize on the awesomeness of this gun? I could use it to paint my house one weekend, maybe the neighbor’s house too. My wife has wanted to change the color scheme of our kitchen and I imagine I wouldn't have any excuses wasting a perfect weekend painting the kitchen and its appliances. Whatever you decide to do with this, please exercise caution and be safe as this gun is not intended for indoor use and shouldn't be used as such.

As I get ready to input my credit card information my friend texts me saying the event has been cancelled until further notice. My inner “man” is still encouraging me to make the purchase, but I think I’ll wait until the next invite. Matter fact, I’ll wait until my wife’s next DIY project. In the meantime, I’ll search for a used Toyota truck. Go big or go home.