Water Fountain Speakers

Water Fountain Speakers
$19.99 on Amazon
If you want to maximize your enjoyment of your favorite music, these water fountain speakers are perfect for you. With the rhythm of the music, you will be treated to a fabulous water show that moves with the beat. The water is lighted with four rainbow color LED lights to produce the magnificent effects. You don't have to go to Las Vegas to see the water fountain show at the Hotel Bellagio. You can have it right in your living room -- scaled down, of course.

You can play any kind of music you like, and the water will dance to it. Want to add some visual excitement to your next party? Hook up these speakers, turn up the volume, and your friends will have a blast.

You can hook these up to any audio device with a 3.5mm jack. Hook it to your laptop, tablet or phone.

Are you a more quiet type of person? Play soft music, and let the water soothe your senses. Water has that effect on people. This is a great thing to focus on if you are into meditation. Let the lights transport you to another dimension.

If you want to spice up your romance, the light show will sure to put your loved one in the mood. Instead of dining by candlelight, you can dine by your private light show while listening to your favorite love songs. Your date will be really impressed!

These look really fancy and expensive, but they are surprisingly reasonable. These will make a perfect gift for anyone who thinks he has everything.

Do note that these speakers do not come with an AC adapter. You don't need it. They get power from the device that you plug into.

If you ever want to bask in a sea of color and light while enjoying your favorite songs, get a pair of these speakers.