Push Up Training System

Push Up Training System
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Did you know there's more than one way to do a push up? I know I sure didn't. I just thought you get down and bust them out. Just keep your back straight! That’s the only instruction I ever received.

Did you know hand placement is really the key if you want to tailor your workout to target specific upper body muscle? Are you looking to bulk up your back? Maybe you just want to tighten your triceps?

Introducing the Push Up Training System, a system made to maximize the results of the classic push-up. The training system comes with a color-coded board, hand grips, a Tone and Burn workout DVD, and a 10-week calendar so you can keep track of your progress.

You will not believe the versatility that this product has. You can completely customize your own routine. Different positions and angles you use can give you better results by allowing you to target the specific area you want. The colors on the board represent the targeted muscle you are trying to work out. You can concentrate on shoulder, chest, back, and triceps which are shown by the colors red, blue, yellow and green. Just plug the cushioned non-slip hand grips into the color that coordinates with the zone you want to hit and let the push ups begin!

The calendar provides you with an easy to follow three-phase guide to sculpting your upper body efficiently if you refer to follow the guidelines provided for free along with the board. This is an affordable system that will give you that beautiful upper body you are sweating for! You won’t want to miss this innovative system. The secret to more a more effective workout for your upper body is here so get one today. One push away from a better body!