Talking Dalek Bank

Talking Dalek Bank
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Although the Daleks clearly want
to conquer every race,
subtlety’s not wholly lost
on these warriors from space.

They’re masters of disguise
and truly great at camouflage.
In any scene they can’t be seen
when performing espionage.

When you put a coin into the back of this Dalek bank it will shoot out officially licensed sound waves. The sound waves talk about exterminating Doctor Who. You will never be able to exterminate him, by the way. But, you can feel pleased that you are riding yourself of a noisy and cumbersome coin.

Seriously, does anyone actually keep coins in their pockets anymore? I really don't like to hear myself rattle and make noises as I walk. If places have little tip jars or cups, I immediately throw my change into those things. But, that doesn't happen very often because I try to use my debit card everywhere.

Back to the talking Dalek money bank reciprocal. It is about 8 inches tall. You can buy a blue one, a grey one, and a red one. You can buy them all if you have money to spare!

A User Review For You: "It's a great likeness of a real Dalek. It looks great on my husband's bookshelf. He was pleased when I gave it to him. It seems sturdy. I'm pleased with it."