Survival Grenade

Survival Grenade
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Have you ever thought about what you would do had you gotten lost in the vast expanses of the wilderness? Have you ever found yourself so incredibly lost, as to wander across the four oceans on multiple occasions, only to be met with every possible element Mother Nature could throw at you? You may argue that the chances of this occurring are lower than winning the "Powerball", yet it remains a growing concern that continues to plague the Nation.

The Z.A.P.S “Grenade survival pouch”, and the assorted tools it holds, could hamper this growing fear of such a catastrophic event. Although this kit will not leave you prepared to fend off a pack of angry mountain lions injected with steroids, it is truly better to be safe than sorry.

Assembled by a member of the Marine Scout Snipers, this kit reflects the intelligence of the United States Military, and proves to be useful in virtually any climate you choose to traverse. Containing a compass, saw blade (and knife blade), multiple pieces of fire tinder, and a fire starter, this survival pouch highlights the generic survival instruments the majority of “Survival Kits” offer as well. This comes as no surprise, seeing as the blades offer a variation of uses to support the essential human needs. Coupling with the fire tenders and starters, the only thing that appears to be missing is a shelter. A shelter (and civilization) that can be discovered upon utilizing the compass found in this pouch.

Not to disappoint, the scenarios in which you find yourself attempting to hunt small game, or flesh eating zombies is what truly sets this product apart. The multiple snares, shackles, fishing line (with multiple hooks and sinkers), and 20 inches of black thread, will find you almost hoping to get lost in such a mythical hunting utopia. However, had you ACTUALLY gotten lost (and come to grips with the brutality of nature), the Grenade pouch will leave you jumping for joy once more.

This array caters to the primitive needs of man, as it offers a 1 gallon Ziploc bag (to carry water), wind and water proof matches, an assortment of needles, bountiful amounts of safety pins, aluminum foil (only a single sheet), candles, AND water purification tablets (half a dozen). Had you still not found yourself out of the wilderness, this all-encompassing pouch asserts authority, as it offers a Survival book (offering an explanation as to why there isn't an actual grenade inside), duct tape, barrel swivels, and a 45’ highly durable “paracord” (the “grenade” that cradles each of your tools).

Having thought of every possible scenario, this kit will have you prepared for nothing short of their predicted zombie invasion. From those whom sincerely enjoy exploring the wilderness, to those that walk in the wake of an unknown jungle, the Z.A.P.S's grenade kit is a must have resource for any avid hiker, outdoors man, campers, and zombie hunters alike. It boasts high quality gear, and demands respect with phenomenal customer satisfaction. As it stands, the price is reasonable, and the survival gear appears easy to use; without so much as an inch of wasted space to boot. If that hadn't been enough, each pouch ordered is available in a wide variety of color, adding some personal flair to your hobby. The only question left standing is, would it really stand up to a zombie invasion?