Transparent Tipped Highlighters

Transparent Tipped Highlighters
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We'd all like a guiding line
to keep us running straight;
to help keep steady
any given line we might create.

The highlight of our days
is when we can make our mark
to signify those things
of which we really need to hark.

I wasn't one for highlighting stuff in my textbooks. I just read the bolded words. Sometimes, I wrote them down. But, why highlight if they were already bolded? Oh yeah, maybe I should have read the entire textbook. Too late. I've graduated with two business degrees.

Would I go back and do things differently? Probably not. If I would have had these neat highlighters, would I have used them? No. But, I sure would have shown them off. They are brilliant. It's a super smart idea.

Do you like getting good grades? Are you a highlighting type? Maybe this product is for you. Do you appreciate neat ideas? Do you like cool new products? Maybe these transparent tipped highlighters are for you!