Wet Sand Funnel

Wet Sand Funnel
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Whether you're taking your kids to the beach or simply walking out to the sandbox in the back yard, you want to know that they have the ultimate sand toys. After all, you don't want to find yourself jumping up to redirect squirming kids every few minutes! If you're looking for a toy that will keep your kids amused endlessly, the Wet Sand Funnel is the perfect addition to your sandbox kit.

Wet sand is the best for molding and other tasks, but it can be difficult to get through funnels and other measuring devices. No longer! The Wet Sand Funnel is specifically designed to work with damp sand, squeezing it through the end to leave a fun squiggle effect that kids will love. Use it to add a whole new dimension of decorations to a sand castle, write your kids' names with sand instead of in the sand, or use it to produce previously impossible artwork--all with a little sand and water. No matter where you find your sand, the Wet Sand Funnel is the perfect tool to take your sand creations to the next level.

The Wet Sand Funnel does require some effort to use. You'll need to find the perfect balance of sand and water. Because of this, it might not be an appropriate toy for young children, who may become too frustrated to continue using the product. It is possible for you to help them achieve that perfect balance and use the funnel appropriately, so parents who enjoy hours spent playing in the sand with their kids should be sure to add this toy to their collection. Children of around five should be able to handle the toy independently; it's recommended for ages three and up.

Add to Your Beach-Going Survival Kit

Do you find that your child quickly grows bored at the beach? Is she disinterested in the water or frightened by the waves? If so, you're going to be spending a lot of time in the sand--and the Wet Sand Funnel is perfect for that purpose. It will help pass the hours at the beach, engaging your child in creative play while you enjoy the sand, sun, and relaxation.

Encourage Creative Play

Do you try to provide regular sensory play opportunities for your child? Sand is an excellent sensory tool. Creating a sand and water sensory play area filled with tools like this Wet Sand Funnel is the perfect opportunity to engage your little one in hours of creative play. While it might be messy to set up this sensory station indoors, you'll find that a contained sand area is fairly easy to clean up. Or, try using this tool with a variety of the kinetic sand products currently on the market, which are easier to clean up and more likely to stay together instead of ending up all over your house.

Add to Your Outdoor Sandbox

If your child is getting bored with their sandbox, it's time to shake it up! Add a variety of toys, provide a source of water, and include the Wet Sand Funnel to make the sandbox fun again. With any luck, your child will go back to spending hours engaged with the sand while you enjoy the peace.