Bathtub Planetarium

Bathtub Planetarium
$52.53 on Amazon
This is a Bathtub Planetarium. Yup, you can't go by and read that without thinking, huh! Yes, there is such a thing and yes the idea and the look is pretty cool. What's more is that this can be more of an adult fun toy but - okay the kids will be thrilled with it too. Use it for a relaxing, zen like bath time for yourself or your other half.

What Is It?

Just like a planetarium projector for your home or bedroom, there is one for your bathroom. The stars, the constellations, the Milky Way that you can enjoy in the night sky can be yours in the privacy of your bath time. This unit can sit on the edge of your tub or there are units that float in the water with you.

How Does It Work?

This unit will project pinhole type stars onto your walls, your bath water and your ceiling. All the stars are produced by the led light. Its a globe like unit of which the top half is the one that projects the stars about 180 degrees. The bottom is flat, allowing it to sit on the edge of the tub. You can put it at any angle you like since it is adjustable. Turn it on, turn out the bathroom lights or dim them. The tub edge type unit is waterproof so it can be splashed or handle steam. Just don't submerge it into the tub.

Are There Different Colors Available?

The color options of the unit itself are: White, Blue, Chocolate or Rose (Pink).

What Is the Power Source?

The unit operates on 3 AA batteries.

Where Can I Buy This?

Online, try Amazon or Ebay. Amazon seems to have a reasonable price of just around $36 however you'll get more colors if you purchase on Ebay. Just be prepared for shelling out a lot more money.

Hey Wait! Didn't You Say There Are Ones That Go in the Water? Oh, yeah! I did mention that, didn't I. Yes, there are those type of units too. They look like Saturn because of the bendable rings that seem to help it float. These units have changeable discs. They include the stars, roses and a stingray in the ocean. The Bathtub Planetarium for the tub edge doesn't have any discs to change the pattern of the stars. If you want the floating unit, again, be prepared to shell out a lot more cash.

Whatever one is your preference, it's an awesome thing to have and you can bet that not everyone on the block is going to have one. Be prepared to tell your friends and neighbors where you got them from, especially if they have kids. It might even be cool to set one up in your home sauna or set up a screen around your hot tub and invite your friends over. But make sure they bring the wine with them!