Fully Reclining Office Chair

Fully Reclining Office Chair
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No need for Doc Brown and his tricked up DeLorean, the office chair of the future is here. This chair is perfect for a variety of individuals with all different use requirements. Need to work long hours to finish that crazy project? Two words: lumbar support. Want to kick back and watch Netflix on your lunch break? Find the perfect angle with the adjustable reclining lever. Suffering from jet lag or up all night with a teething baby and need to take a snooze? Do so in comfort with this fully reclining chair with an extendable footrest. Whether for use at home or at work you can sit in comfort and style in this fully reclining office chair.

Sitting is the new standing. Unless you are one of the very few who work on a farm, most likely you are sitting most of the day. For the sake of your back and your sanity, possessing a quality chair is essential. Produced for the professional, this chair is the best in ergonomic technology. A high back curved for optimum comfort works well for both taller and shorter people. Padded headrest and arm rests help give your head and limbs that extra bit of support that can make all of the difference during a long day. With bonded leather upholstery, the chair can withstand years of wear and tear, not to mention providing a luxurious feel. But the features that give this seat an edge is the full reclining capability and extendable footrest.

The easy-to-operate depth lever gives you an infinite number of reclining angle possibilities. After all, we are all individuals - doesn't it make sense to have a chair that can be adjusted to our individual preferences? Sometimes it is the simple things that count. And the fact that the padded chair fully reclines means that you can get some real sleep if you need it.

The extendable footrest is easy to operate and only takes a few seconds - just pull the padded footrest out from under the seat. Depending on your height, the footrest commonly ends underneath the heels, ankles, or calves. Six footers have said that they have napped with ease in this chair. Two sturdy rods ensure that you can have optimum worry-free relaxation. Really, with a chair with this many comfort features you won't even feel like you are at work. That's the idea anyway.

No zipping around the office here. A heavy duty model, this fully reclining office chair has a heavy chrome base. The nylon casters allow you to wheel it around but it is ideal for those who would prefer that the chair not shift with the slightest touch.

All in all, if you are looking for an affordable, quality office chair with the ability to fully recline then this is the way to go. Thanks to its adjustable height, it is comfortable for most people and has a generous weight capacity of 250 pounds. Comes in a classic black, too, which goes with any outfit!